New Policy for Open Scholarship

A new policy on Open Scholarship, recommendations citizen science and cooperation with business as well as a self-evaluation tool for research services.


Open Science monitoring begins!


How well have we achieved the objectives set for the open science and research? Open Science and Research monitoring will provide answers. Data collection is open 19.5.-30.6.2022.

Open science

Open Science and Research Summer Conference 2022

How can open knowledge produce sustainability transformation? How can climate change and loss of diversity be managed and mitigated through long-term environmental monitoring?

Key publications

Policies of open science and research in Finland

Policies of open science and research in Finland outline in detail the strategic principles, objectives and action plans necessary to achieve the objectives set out in the Declaration for Open Science and Research.

Open education and educational resources

Open education and educational resources. National policy and executive plan by the higher education and research community for 2021-2025. Policy component 1 – Open access to educational resources (2020)