EOSC Finnish Forum

It is important that the Finnish stakeholders follow how EOSC continues to develop under Horizon Europe framework programme in order to understand and influence the research priorities in the area; to bring the Finnish expertise in the European context and bring back into the country the most suitable opportunities and services coming out from EOSC to foster innovation and boost the societal impact of Finnish high-quality research. Read more about EOSC.

For these reasons, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, Academy of Finland, the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and CSC – IT Center for Science established EOSC Finnish Forum (EOSC-FF) in January 2021. It is a national level coordination instrument that will allow the Finnish stakeholders to:

  • discuss and exchange information on the latest EOSC developments and assess their implications on other national initiatives;
  • represent the collective interests of Finland into EOSC by formulating a shared approach/message to be communicated to the EOSC Governance;
  • discuss potential future EOSC-related collaborations and opportunities at national level and strengthen the collaboration between Finnish RDI actors.

5 reasons to join EOSC-FF

  1. Regular updates on the latest developments of EOSC at EU & national levels and information on EOSC-related funding opportunities (regular communications via blogs, newsletters etc.)
  2. Support in understanding the impact and benefits of EOSC on your organisation and on the national context also boosting your competences (ad-hoc webinars, meet the experts sessions, etc.)
  3. Active & coordinated participation to EOSC co-design opportunities (EOSC consultations, more direct access to the EOSC Governance, etc.)
  4. Visibility for your organisation & access to the national network (dissemination & promotion of your EOSC activities, collection of feedback at national level, etc.)
  5. New potential collaborations at national level

How to become a member

EOSC Finnish Forum welcomes the participation of all the individuals interested in EOSC who have signed or who are working for an organisation that has signed the Declaration for Open Science and Research 2020–2025 (See the full list of signatories here).

The membership in EOSC Finnish Forum is free of charge and valid until further notice. There is no limitation in the number of members that each organisation can have as part of EOSC-FF. All new members will be added to the EOSC-FF mailing list which is the main communication channel of the Forum. 

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Structure of EOSC Finnish Forum

EOSC Finnish Forum has three bodies: the Forum, the Coordinating Committee and the Office.

The Forum is composed by all individuals who have joined EOSC Finnish Forum. It is the main arena for discussion and interaction. The Forum meets at least every four months either virtually or physically.

The Coordinating Committee facilitates the work of EOSC Finnish Forum and meets at least once every two months to organise the activities of EOSC-FF. Read summaries of the Coordinating Committee meetings. The Coordinating Committee is composed by one to two representatives from the following organisations.

The current composition of the Coordinating Committee:

  • The Ministry of Education and Culture: Juha Haataja, Sami Niinimäki
  • Academy of Finland: Anu Nuutinen, Harri Hautala
  • The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies: Henriikka Mustajoki, Hanna Lahdenperä
  • Finnish organisations part of the EOSC Association operating at national level: CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.: Per Öster, Antti Pursula
  • Finnish representatives in the EOSC Association Operational Boards: to be announced

The EOSC-FF Office supports the Coordinating Committee in running EOSC Finnish Forum and its activities. The EOSC-FF Office is hosted by CSC – IT Center for Science and has two officers.

  • Sara Garavelli, EOSC-FF Coordinator
  • Anu Märkälä, EOSC-FF Engagement Officer

If you have any questions, please contact the EOSC-FF Office:  eosc-ff-support(at)postit.csc.fi